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Anyone who’s ever visited Australian labradoodle breeders would agree that the Australian labradoodle puppies there probably did not seem all that bright, but looks can be deceiving. Black labradoodle puppies are actually pretty intelligent. Here are just a few facts that back it up.

Dogs Can Have Vocabularies.

Dogs are actually so smart that they can even have their own vocabularies. Research has found that dogs are more than capable of remembering and recognizing over 150 words, and that’s on average. There’s a border collie by the name of Chaser that could remember 1,022 words. (Now, if only they could actually speak those words, and tell people if they had to go out or wanted to play.)

Dogs Are About as Smart as Two-Year-Olds.

Researchers have even put dogs to an IQ test to find out just exactly how smart they are, and found that the average dog has teh mental capabilities of a two-year-old child. How did researchers figure that out? By how many words the dogs could remember! According to a language development test, dogs can learn about as many words as a two-year-old child can, including signals and gestures.

Dogs Are Street Smart.

Dogs aren’t only intelligent. They’re street smart, too. In fact, there are stray dogs in Russia who have figured out how to use Moscow’s subways system. Of course, they’re not actually using the subway to go visit the park or hang out with friends or get to very important meetings, but rather to head to more densely populated areas in search of food. As incredible as that is, the fact can kind of make you feel silly if you’ve ever visited a foreign city and had trouble figuring out its public transportation system.

There’s no doubt about it. Black labradoodle puppies are intelligent creatures, even if they might seem a little dopey.

If you know of any other cool facts about standard Australian labradoodles, feel free to share in the comments.


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