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Taming a dog to a more disciplined, friendly and obedient pet is the greatest gift you can reward yourself and family members. Bearing in mind the unconditional love you hold for your dog, it is equally wise to choose the best dog trainers with a reputable record to do the job. Regardless of the methodology used to train a dog, dog obedience is the most paramount expectation for any dog owner. However, a dog’s origin and breed play an important contribution to how it will turn out after training. Different dogs will hereditarily acquire certain characteristics different from others following a rigorous training.

1. Adapts to apartment living

It very unfortunate if your neighbors will start complaining about how your dog is becoming a nuisance to them. This happens if a dog constantly barks, running up and down like a man possessed. But a coached dog learns how to maintain calm despite its yappy and high-energy tendency. You accrue all the benefits of a fun and calm dog at the same time.

2. Friendly to people

Dogs are generally aloof, and the element of trying to bond with people make some of them indifferent to everyone else other than the common and familiar faces it sees around. Dog trainers, through their humane, science-based training methods will transform any breed of dog into a more affectionate member of the family. They learn to tolerate, engage people, play with anyone, and offer friendship.

3. Improved intelligent

One visible character of a trained dog, it’s their level of intelligent. They process activities like small babies with some understanding in them. A listening dog is funny, but that’s what you get from a trained dog. Such dogs are bred for specific if not all activities and just like the military and police dogs, they learn to concentrate and focus on a distinct task. Unlike the ordinary trained dogs, the intelligent ones undergo brain workout in most of their training. You’ve probably seen a dog doing rescue, sports, and other mind boggling activities, that’s a trained dog for you.

4. Funny character

It’s not surprising to find a funny dog, either trained or not. But finding a trained dog like it has been prepared for a comedy show is one hilarious thing to see. Over the training period, a dog is subjected to mind and physical training that unleashes some comic traits in it. A repetitive and routine exercise will only make the dog master these traits and perfect them. And this is the kind of dog you would stare at all day long.

If you ever decide to take that furry friend of yours for some dog training classes, knowing its breed will help a lot in establishing the kind of trait to expect. Ensure to find professional dog trainers that offer training that suits your dog’s age and breed. It also depends on what tasks you want the dog to learn and perfect. You want the dog to learn more words apart from the common command “come.”


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