A friend of yours had poison treats thrown in his yard for his pitbull yesterday. As a result, he is encouraging his friends, neighbors, and relatives to stay outside with all of their dogs and to check their yards. There have been other dogs in the area this has happened to as well. While at the vet neighbors raked the yard of your friend’s home and found two more poison treats that would have been given to the police along with pictures. The square mile this occurred in is a well known middle to upper income area, so it is important to know that this could happen anywhere. The dog is not doing well and been at the emergency vet trying to have the kidney flushed but the levels continue to rise. Your friend asks that everyone please keep the dog and family in your prayers.
Although you know that there are people who do not like any pets, this is not a reason to damage someone’s property, especially a pet. Perhaps, in fact, it would be better if people who do this to pets should relocate to the middle of nowhere so every one else’s pets can be safe. Whether you have a brand new German shepherd puppy or you have been a long time owner of a pit bull, it is always important to make sure that you are getting the pet that you want and that you are ready to help that pet be its healthiest self.

German Shepherd Breeders Offer Their Best Clients the Pick of the Litter from German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Whether you are searching for German shepherd puppies for sale in Phoenix or you are looking for a new home for a current German shepherd puppy, it is important to realize the size of these dogs and the kind of care that they need. The latest research indicate that nearly 78 million dogs are owned by households across the U.S., and that pproximately 44% of households own at least one dog. And while there are many kinds of breeds available, it is important to realize that to many people find that they have a very specific kind of pet that they are partial to.


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