Dog obstacles

It’s a big responsibility to take care of a dog. You need to make sure they get plenty of exercise to encourage a healthy heart. You need to remember to take them to the vet once in a while for a check-up to catch anything nefarious trying to slip by unnoticed. When it comes to cleaning up, this is something that has all but become a sub-culture in the United States. Who likes walking on grass only to step in something gross? Certainly not you and certainly not your neighbors! Let’s talk about the wisdom of a dogi waste station and why you should always keep a baggie on you.

How many households in America have a dog? Try 46 million. That means there are a lot of owners that need to regularly practice the responsibility of picking up after their furry friend. According to a recent 2016 report provided by the Trust For Public Lands, almost every major city has at least one, if not several dog parks. As you can imagine, it’s just as much a social responsibility to use a dogi waste station as it is common sense.

Let’s talk a little about exercise, as that goes hand-in-hand with properly using your dog bag dispensers. A dog needs the most exercise between a year and four years of age, though this can vary depending on your breed — toy dogs are a touch more sedentary, while Shepards and retrievers are frequently more active. Professional dog breeders often suggest the ‘five-minute rule’, which states a dog needs five minutes of exercise for every month. A three-month-old puppy? Try fifteen minutes a day to keep their tails wagging!

Now for the hard truths. It’s thought as many as 40% of dog owners don’t use a dogi waste station and leave their dog’s messes wherever they go. Yuck! Not only do most cities have dog parks in place, most cities also have imposed fines for irresponsible owners. That’s as much as a $750 bill if you don’t clean up after your dog in the park. The average dog defecates twice per day, which means you can have an impressive 14 piles in just a week. But how much of it is just aesthetic?

As it turns out, only half. Leaving your dog’s leftovers in the grass is also a health hazard that affects adults, other dogs and even children. A single gram of dog feces can contain up to 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. Dog park accessories frequently have handy bag dispensers that can be attached to a collar or a leash, making pick-up a breeze and disposal as easy as twisting and tossing. Before you get your pooch some fancy dog exercise equipment or a crate end table, look into dog poop bags.

Now for your refresher. Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the country. They also leave quite a few messes, meaning many cities have to crack down with fines in order to encourage better habits. Rather than wait for a potential fine, using a dogi waste station or carrying around a few poop bags will go a long way in making everyone’s day a little brighter. Cleaning up after your dog creates a clean environment and, most of all, makes your daily exercise sessions completely guilt-free.

Feeling more conscientious? Let dog poop removal be the next in-thing when it comes to pet health!


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