People who love their pets, whether they’re dogs, cats or horses, know that animals are not that different from humans. They enjoy the same things – fresh air, exercise, fun and games and good food. And unfortunately, they suffer from many of the same ailments. Arthritis is a very common condition in large breed dogs like Labradors, and it can be heartbreaking for dog owners to witness their beloved pet’s efforts to deal with the discomfort and pain. With care, medication, and therapeutic products like therapeutic socks, arthritis in dogs can be managed and large dogs can live long and happy lives.

Arthritis in large dogs
Large dogs like Labradors and golden retrievers are loved for their playful, gentle nature and their cheerful disposition. Unfortunately, these large friendly dogs are susceptible to conditions like arthritis and hip dysphasia, which can cause them acute discomfort. These conditions are all too common, and as many as 25% of all pet dogs in the U.S. have been diagnosed with some kind of joint problems.
As with humans, there isn’t a cure for these conditions in dogs. In fact, large breed dogs have a genetic tendency to develop hip dysplasia and arthritis. But even though there is no cure for these joint diseases, they can be managed, and in over two-thirds of cases, the pets can live happy lives.

Managing chronic conditions in large dogs
There are many steps you can take to help your canine companion live more comfortably even with conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis. Products like therapeutic socks, dog arthritis braces and therapeutic mattress pads can help ease their daily routine. Your vet may prescribe medication like glucosamine which can provide joint relief. A healthy diet and moderate exercise will keep your pet fit.
You should check with your vet if support braces will help your dog when out for a walk. You can add a healing mattress pad to your dog’s bed for greater comfort. Make sure your dog stays dry and warm at all times. If he’s been walking in the road or snow, or playing in water, he should be dried thoroughly with a large towel when you get home. Besides his therapeutic bed, you can get a therapy pet mat for his favorite spots, so he can rest more comfortably.

Keeping your dog comfortable
As with people, cold and damp will worsen any condition of arthritis and joint pain in dogs. They should be kept warm and comfortable. A stress-free environment will make it easier for them to live with the pain and discomfort. Some people consider alternative medical treatments like acupuncture and acupressure, as they have been able to provide relief from pain for a number of conditions.
As a last resort, surgery is used to treat arthritis, but a cure cannot be guaranteed. You should discuss this prior with your vet. But even without surgery, there are many ways you can make your pet comfortable.

Large breed dogs have a genetic tendency to develop conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis. This can cause them discomfort but the conditions can be managed with a range of therapy dog products like therapeutic socks and therapy beds.

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