Hot weather is here. That means all the time in the world to play in the sun, enjoy the water, and spend quality time with your pets.

Your dogs and cats, however, aren’t too familiar with ways to beat the heat. You can’t just give them a little ice cream, either! Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or someone who just adopted a new furry friend, it’s always a good time to learn something new. The weather is only getting hotter from here and your pets have to work overtime to stay cool. Below are some hot weather safety tips for pets that will keep them from overheating.

Enjoy the summer in style and comfort. Keep these tips in mind alongside your usual dog behavior training and regular vet visits!

Trim Your Dog’s Fur So They Can Cool Off Easier

Do you have a dog with heavy fur? Are they the kind of pet that leaves their shed fur all over the couch and carpet? You’ll have to work double-time to help them enjoy the summer comfortably. Your local 24 hour vet will not just provide them with a useful check-up, they can redirect you to a dog grooming service to give them a trim. You can also consider an all-over shave so they can go the rest of the month feeling cool and cozy…it’ll also help you spot ticks!

Double-Check Your Dog For Ticks When You Come Inside

With the hot weather comes plenty of nasty critters to take a bite out of your dog. Ticks are parasites that feed off blood and spread several diseases, with one of the well-known being Lyme disease. They’re more commonly found in forested environments, though can still crop up in your average city neighborhood. Check your socks, shoes and pants for ticks when you come inside so they don’t spread to your animals. Check your dog thoroughly after each walk to keep them bug-free.

Make Sure Your Dogs And Cats Are Protected Against Fleas

What else should you look for besides ticks? Fleas are a common concern of many owners thanks to how easily they spread and how tiny they are. Fleas have four life stages, moving from egg to larve to pupa. Once they become a biting adult they can live more than 100 days without a blood meal. It’s not uncommon to see a female flea consume 15 times her own body weight in blood every day! Flea collars and regular baths can help, but more stubborn cases should be taken to your emergency veterinarian.

Change Your Animal’s Water Every Day To Keep It Fresh

Hot weather safety tips for pets should include changing your pet’s water bowl. While three day-old may look fine to us, stale water is just as unappealing to pets as it would be to you. Cats and dogs that aren’t drinking their water as often run the risk of dehydrating, which can have them fatigued and even passing out under the sun. Make sure to write down these hot weather safety tips down somewhere obvious so the entire family can get into the habit. A little goes a long way!

Never Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car, Even With The Window Open

This is one of the most common offenses on the hot weather safety tips for pets list. It’s not enough to crack open a window, as your dog still is covered in fur. They also don’t sweat like we do, insulating by panting and drooling. Unless your car has the A/C on full blast, take your dog with you outside so they can cool off. The last thing you want is your dear friend passing out from heatstroke on the way back from the grocery store!

Summer is in full swing. Keep these hot weather safety tips for pets close at hand so everyone can enjoy themselves.


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