Veterinary office

America is truly a nation of animal lovers. According to the AVMA, an estimated 36.5% of American households own dogs as pets, which equates to approximately 43,346,000 pet dogs. Similarly, there are an average of 2.1 cats owned as pets per household in the United States as well. Anyone with an animal companion understands that pets are not simply animals that live with us, they are members of our family. Finding a veterinarian who understands your animal companion’s needs is an important part of maintaining your pet’s health and general well being.

Animal hospitals offer an array of veterinarian services, including routine physicals, surgery, x ray and radiology services, prescription refills, and micro-chipping, in addition to wellness and awareness programs. Routine check ups and non-surgical procedures account for roughly 25% of all veterinary spending in the United States. Any animal hospital will also give you information on how to safeguard your pet from common, yet dangerous conditions such as heart works, ticks, fleas, and rabies. Advances in modern medicine have also benefited veterinary surgery and other animal care services. Many animal hospitals now offer laser therapy as part of physical therapy or pain management. Laser therapy works by introducing light and gentle heat deep into tissue in order to reduce inflammation and soreness, and promote the healing process. This only takes a few minutes, and causes no discomfort or pain to your pet. Laser therapy is commonly used post surgery, or to treat chronic ailments such as arthritis.

Many people fear the cost of taking their pet to an animal hospital or animal care specialist for medical treatment, however, many animal hospitals accept pet insurance, or offer affordable payment arrangements or a payment plans for those who are uninsured. Hopefully, you will not have to take your animal companion to the vet often, however, it is still important to find a reputable animal hospital in order to care for your pet’s needs, ensuring they live a long, healthy life. More information like this.


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