Creating a professional website

In the digital age, we all know that having a solid online presence has already become a necessity for marketing any business. If you’re looking for ways to market your vet clinic, don’t go crazy with a ton of different trendy veterinary marketing ideas. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your website is quality and well designed. Here are three things to keep in mind.

1. Add a logo.
One of the most essential website building tips is to add a cool logo to your website. One of the many things that veterinary websites do is help create brand identity and recognition, so having a quality logo on your website is important. It can’t just be any old image or your clinic’s name in a fancy font. Think carefully about your clinic, what your philosophy of care is, and what you want your clients to think of your clinic when they see your logo.

2. White space is your friend.
Inexperienced web designers do this all the time — load up every square inch of the website with something, whether it’s text, images, or whatever. If you find yourself trying to come up with something to fill the space on your site, you probably don’t need it and it won’t do you any favors. People don’t like to look at busy and overloaded websites, so leaving some white space will do your site some good.

3. Don’t skimp on your images.
This is another thing that inexperienced web designers do all the time. They choose low quality images or whatever they can get their hands (or mouse pointer) on to fill up space on the page. People like to look at pictures and can spot when you aren’t using good ones. Take the time to hire a professional photographer to take some pictures at your clinic or of some adorable kittens. People can’t resist kittens.

Do you have any other design tricks or website building tips? Let us know in the comments!


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