Veterinarian for dogs

Dogs eat weird things they’re not supposed to all the time. It’s almost part of their charm. Unfortunately, though, it sometimes means they have to go see the veterinarian technicians at an advanced veterinary care center, or — worse — to an emergency vet care facility. Here are just a few of the strangest things vets have seen dogs eat.

Shish Kabob Skewer.

Marley the German shorthaired pointer once ate a shish kabob skewer. His owner said that she’d prepared a couple shish kabobs with meat and veggies for the grill, and left them on the kitchen counter for just a second. When she turned around, both the kabobs and Marley were gone. When she found Marley, and one of the skewers, but not the other, she took him to his veterinary care center, where upon being radiographed, it was discovered that he had in fact eaten a whole shish kabob skewer. Luckily, the veterinary care center was able to operate and get the skewer out safely.

43 1/2 Socks.

When the owner of a three-year-old Great Dane noticed the dog was vomiting and retching all day, they took him to a veterinary care center, where doctors found out that there was some foreign material in his gut. During exploratory surgery, the veterinary care center pulled out a whopping 43 and a half socks. What’s strange about this isn’t just the sheer amount of socks that he ate, but where the other half of the sock went.


One wouldn’t normally think that dogs would enjoy a nice rock, but veterinary care centers often find that man’s best friend loves to swallow rocks. Some dogs eat small rocks and pass them easily. Others may eat bigger ones, and require surgery. The worst dogs, though, are the ones who eat a lot of big rocks, and perpetually need surgery. The owners of those dogs should probably just remove rocks from their yards at that point.

Veterinary care centers routinely have to remove things from dogs’ stomachs that shouldn’t have been eaten, and more often than not, they’re pretty weird items.

What’s the weirdest thing your dog has ever eaten? Share in the comments!


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