Most of the families in the United States have at least one pet. As a pet owner, you should, therefore, make sure that you provide all the necessities to make your pet happy, healthy, and comfortable. Just like your children, your pet is another member of your family that needs maximum care and attention.

If you own a horse as your pet, you’re already wondering what care you should provide apart from food and shelter. Guards for shoulders are important and necessary products you can have for your horse to keep it comfortable. But what factors do you consider when buying guards for shoulders?

1. Weight of the Fabric

At any given time, you should make sure that your horse has a lightweight fabric. Therefore, when you’re buying guards for shoulders, you will need to make sure that you avoid heavy materials that are likely to be a bother to your horse. Remember that your horse will have the guards for shoulders at any given time. You don’t want to make your loved pet uncomfortable by having a very heavy shoulder guard.

2. Material Lifespan

When you’re buying clothing for yourself or your children, you mostly focus on looking for materials that will last for several years. You don’t want to spend a fortune several months down. The same should happen when you are buying a horse fleece blanket, horse neck covers, horse brace, and shoulder guards. Remember, your horse will spend some time lying down with the guard. Therefore, you should make sure that you concentrate on getting a guard made of long-lasting materials.

3. Shoulder Guard Comfort

When you’re buying horse wraps, you usually pay significant attention to the comfort of the wrap. You mostly concentrate on ensuring that your horse benefits by having a wrap. If you want your horse to appreciate you, focus on making sure that you have a horse shoulder guard that is fairly comfortable. A horse shoulder guard that can offer maximum comfort is essential as it ensures maximum relaxation of your horse.

4. Suitable All Year Round

It is difficult to get a shoulder guard for your horse that is suitable throughout the year. However, most of the horse wear stores have some shoulder guards that can be used in all seasons. Getting a shoulder guard that can be used during winter and summer is essential. However, if you have sufficient funds, you can consider a shoulder guard for summer and another one for winter.

5. Waterproof Shoulder Guards

Waterproof shoulder guards are essential because they can serve your horse when it is raining. Horse fur allows water to drip down, which prevents dampness. If you purchase a horse shoulder that allows water in, you will be doing a disservice to your horse. Focus on making sure that you have a shoulder guard that can be used during the rainy season without proving to be a discomfort to your horse.

6. Machine Washable

Washing horse shoulder guards regularly is an important consideration. It helps in preventing skin irritation while at the same time, prolonging the life of the fabric. Due to such demands, it is important to consider a machine washable horse shoulder guard. You should focus on getting a shoulder guard that can be washed by a domestic machine on a normal cycle.

7. Associated Cost

Depending on your area, horse wear products such as shoulder guards or knee boots for horses are not very common. Therefore, you might find the price of such products very costly due to the high demand. If your shoulder guard meets all the qualities highlighted above, you can pay premium prices. However, you should avoid paying overboard for horse shoulder guards that have several weaknesses.

These are some of the factors that you should consider when you’re buying horse shoulder guards. You aim to make sure that you get the best shoulder guards so that your horse may feel comfortable while outside. Also, consider buying quality shoulder guards for longevity.


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