Animals are one of the most amazing gift on this earth. They are adorable, show endless love unconditionally, and help in ways we never knew possible. Businesses have begun bringing animals into offices to reduce stress and increase productivity, it has been proven that people are happier around cute animals that they can love and enjoy. There are a number of different reasons people need animals in their lives and it can be a huge game-changer for many people suffering day to day with everyday tasks. If you or someone you know has a mental health disorder Find out how to qualify for an emotional support animal today.

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects so many people and for a number of different reasons. No matter why you are suffering this mental issue your life could be better with an emotional support animal. According to the Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work there has been an 82% reduction in the symptoms of PTSD as well as other trauma-related issues after one week of having an emotional support animal. This is a massive drop with the simple love of an animal. Loving an animal gives the brain a release of serotonin which gives the sense of love and happiness, otherwise known as that warm and fuzzy feeling. Learn how to qualify for an emotional support animal to change your life or the life of a loved one.

Having a pet around the house can give you a sense of purpose, a reason to get out of bed, and someone who loves you. For some people out there suffering from loneliness and depression, this could be the answer to making their lives better. Happiness is hard to come by when you are alone and those who suffer from mental health disorders cannot simply create a happy life. Pets can change everyone’s lives for good and there are a ridiculous amount of studies done to prove this. If you have depression or know someone who is depressed find out how to qualify for an emotional support animal.

There are a number of different rules and regulations available for those with emotional support animals and getting to know the rules is worth your while. There are rules about renting a place to live, and how your animal is considered to be a medical service that they cannot deny. Ensure you follow the rules though as you don’t want to get yourself in trouble where the rules are slightly different. Any pet can be registered as an emotional support animal you simply need to take the appropriate steps and required training to get registered.


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