Mental health is something that has become more of an issue these days and it requires medical attention, medication, rehabilitation, and other supports to help those suffering get through it. Seventy-four percent of those with mental health issues surveyed reported mental health improvements from keeping animals as companions. Animals can make you happy when you are sad, give you love when you are lonely, and listen when you have nowhere to turn. Animals pass no judgement and love you unconditionally no matter what is going on in your life. These qualities make emotional support animals one of the best ways to tackle mental health issues and people are thrilled. So how do you become an animal provider and what training is required?

Emotional support animals have a special way of calming people down and relieving stress. There is pet therapy for depression, ptsd animals, pets for social anxiety disorders, and many other kinds of mental health issues. To get your dog registered as an esa animal you must go through proper esa dog training. So what is an esa letter and why do you need it? An esa dog training letter establishes the fact that your dog is required for medical purposes. You will need to speak to a therapist about your issues and why you may require an emotional support animal. You can then adopt a dog and get him the right esa dog training required for therapy. This gives you the right to take your dog to other places that most animals are not allowed. It also gives you pull when it comes to renting a place to live, if your landlord states you cannot have pets in your home you are able to use your esa letter to secure your home.

There are some guidelines to follow when selecting your therapy pet and the therapist will go over them with you. Therapists will help you to get the right type of training, inform you of what the laws are in your area, and help you learn more about therapy animals and and esa dog training. Animals are great for all kinds of therapy and it is being used around the world, there are horseback riding classes used as therapy, animals brought into retirement homes to increase happiness, as well as dorm rooms, even some workplaces have decided to bring in pets on a daily basis to improve productivity and relieve stress.


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