Find my dog a mate

Friends, and the companionship they offer, are an essential part of our lives. Having a friend or a mate who is able to spend time with you and shares your interest is a key component in everyday happiness. Did you know that worldwide, online dating services have seen a 57% increase in the use? We are a society who does not want to be alone or lonely. Did you know that pets are the same? In fact, an estimated 4% of America’s 55 million dogs suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave the home. If you are the owner of a pet who is more like a human than an animal or a pet that suffers separation anxiety, you should consider finding friends for your favorite pet.

When you see your pet do you see more than an animal who snuggles you while you watch TV, or a dog that keeps you company on morning and evening walks? Instead, do you see an important part of your family who enjoys both human and animal interaction? If so, you might be interested in providing your pet with a social life that equals the place he or she has in your heart.

Did you know that, according to a 2000 survey, 38% of pet owners call home during work to check on their pets. Why just call home when instead you can connect with an online site that can help match your pet to a suitable playdate?Finding a match for your favorite dog can help you work without worrying about your pet’s loneliness. On line sites can help you match your dog to a perfect match. Comparing location, breed and interests, these pet friendly websites can help you connect your dog with another dog companion.

These sites allow you to post pictures of your pets, as well as indicate other important information about animal age and size so that you can find a suitable animal friend or mate. while professional breeders have long spent time mating just the right dogs to have puppies, a dog dating and playdate site offers your pet an opportunity for companionship with an appropriate animal friend.

Why should you be the only one having fun on the weekends and in your spare time. If you are a discerning pet owner, doesn’t it make sense that you would want your dog to have compatible playdates when possible. Through the latest websites, you can locate and schedule a fun outing for your furry friends.


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