Happy and healthy pets

It is no secret that children often have a fondness for and fascination with animals. If you have young children, a pet can be a great addition to the family for a multitude of reasons. If you are a parent considering adopting a dog or a cat, read on for our top five!

1. Health Benefits

Happy and healthy pets make happy and healthy kids. It’s true! When you have a pet in the home, your child’s risk of developing related allergies is lowered by as much as 33%. Did you know even doctors believe that pets can keep your family healthy? When 1,000 family doctors and general partitioners were polled, 97% of of them believed in the health benefits of pet ownership and most (60%) would recommend a pet to improve overall health.

2. Pets Help Teach Responsibility

When you have a family pet, your children can take an active role in caring for them. Even young children can help with pet care by putting your pet’s food and water in bowls. Older children can accompany you on veterinarian visits and help to calm and comfort your pet. These jobs will teach your children the importance of caring for another living thing.

3. They Help the Whole Family Stay Active

In order to prevent common ailments in pets, your veterinarian will recommend that they get plenty of exercise. When you are responsible for keeping your pets active, you and your children will stay active too. In fact, dog owners responsible for walking their dogs are less likely to be obese than dog owners who don’t walk their dogs or people who don’t own a dog at all, according to a study of more than 2,000 adults.

Having a Pet can be Educational

Children are naturally curious. When you have a pet in your home, your child is bound to ask a variety of questions about them, such as: “Why do cats purr?” and “Why do dogs have wet noses?” When your child has a curiosity about your pet, you can help them look up answers in a book or online and discover more fascinating information about the animals we love. When you visit the veterinarian, encourage your children to ask a few questions, that way they can get the answers from a true expert!

When You Adopt a Pet, You Adopt a Best Friend

In addition to the health benefits of owning a pet, pets provide us with emotional benefits as well. Your dog or cat can keep your children company on lonely days when there’s no one to play with. Petting a cat or dog can be calming to children of all ages and the pleasant sound of a purring cat can even lower stress. When you adopt a family pet, often your child and pet will become fast friends, a relationship that is great for all involved.

Remember, bringing a pet into the family is a big decision and big responsibility. When you decide to adopt a pet, it is important to find a trusted veterinarian so you can stay informed about vaccination recommendations, preventative care, and more. When you have a happy and healthy pet, your family will be happier and healthier, too!


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