Cheap pet tags

Everyone loves their pets, but when does that love become too much? Here are three strange ways people show their pets that they care that may make your one-on-one conversations seem a bit more normal:

1. Relate

Plenty of pet owners feel that their pets are intelligent or may understand things that they are saying. In the case of many dogs, for example, that very well may be partially true; dogs are capable of learning a large vocabulary of words. Some pet owners believe they have a connection with their pet that transcends intelligence thought; in fact, eight out of every ten dog and cat owners would claim that their pet can sense their mood, though whether or not that is true has yet to be sensed by researchers!

2. Pics

Plenty of people take photographs of their pet; after all, if you think an animal is cute, why wouldn’t you record the moment? For many pet owners, however, that casual photo is not enough. Whether it is with cheap pet tags for cats or cute dog tags, a miniature elf suit or a jolly red pet suit, many pet owners like to dress their pets up and have photos taken of them with Santa Claus around Christmas time. Nearly thirty percent of pet owners like to have photos taken of their pets with the Christmas caregiver, the Easter Bunny, or other famous holiday figures. Though the cheap pet tags may not weigh much on a person’s wallet by themselves, those photographs and pet name tags must end up fairly costly!

3. Funeral

The Ancient Egyptians are known for being very obsessed with their cats, but it was their dogs who had elaborate funerals held for them. They would spend a lot of time in mourning and so do folks today. Does this seem excessive for a pet, or does man’s best friend deserve a funeral just like the rest of us? What do you think?


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