What to look for when buying a puppy

Having a stressful year at work? Going through a rough breakup or divorce? Or maybe you’ve moved into a new apartment all by yourself and you need a friend? Buying a puppy (or any pet, for that matter) can be a great life investment for you.

The benefits to having a pet have been studied for centuries. Pets often provide companionship to elderly people and pets have even been found to decrease many health symptoms such as depression. Dogs and puppies and other furry friends are lovable creatures that will always be striving to put a smile on your face.

Here are a few benefits to having a pet, as if you weren’t already convinced you need one.

  1. Stress Reliever: Researchers an SUNY Buffalo found that people had less stress when their pets were around, as opposed to having a spouse, family member, or friend around.
  2. Low Bloom Pressure: Just walking into pet shops can lower your blood pressure if your goal is to pet anything in there with fur. Those with hypertensive disorders will find that they are more relaxed.
  3. Less Pain: Animals have an innate sense that something is wrong. Interacting with a pet can increase seratonin and dopamine levels which lowers anxiety and gives you a feeling of well being.
  4. Cholesterol Decrease: According to the CDC, having a pet can slightly reduce cholesterol levels — especially in men. This may be due to the fact that pet owners are move active than non-pet owners.
  5. Better Mood: Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Pet your dog or cat. The advantages of having a dog is that you can talk to it and it will make you feel better because all they do is listen. Pets have been show to decrease suicide rates in some societies as well.
  6. Improves Social Life: Those with dogs know this to be true. Having a pet can actually help you make new friends because you have something in common if they have a dog as well. Just walking your dog and you can meet at least one new person.
  7. Establishes Better Immunity: According to the University of Wisconsin, Madison, owning a pet can lower your child’s risk of developing allergies and asthma by an estimated 19 to 33% by building up immunity. Those constantly exposed to allergens will be less likely to have a reaction.
  8. Childhood Development: Those who grow up around a pet generally have better emotional developmental skills and social skills. They realize how to treat others properly before others and end up being more responsible individuals as a whole.
  9. Stroke Prevention: Those with dogs or cats have automatically decreased their chances of a stroke by an estimated 30%. Pets can also help aid in the recovery of serious medical emergencies.

The benefits to having a pet are countless, and these feline and canine companions have no idea they do this much good for us — they just want to show you their love!
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