Having a dog is like having a personal cheerleader, a little (and sometimes huge) furry friend that cheers you on with life, one tail wag at a time. Therapy dogs and other pets remain in continuous service of us, and this is why we shouldn’t fail them when they need us to take care of them.

Taking care of a therapy animal entails much more than just feeding it and making sure it is free from infection and disease. Sometimes your dog may need physical support when it injures its legs or when it is suffering from back problems. There are many therapy dog products you could buy to make sure your dog is comfortable at all times.

1. A Back and Knee Brace

Back braces are therapy dog products that can quickly be put on a dog’s back to restrict spine movement, thus saving the dog a lot of pain and discomfort. Back braces stabilize your dog’s spinal column, thus making movement much more comfortable. They are especially useful during vigorous exercise and outdoor activities.

Back braces are designed to fit your dog naturally, thus aren’t uncomfortable or don’t obstruct motion. They support your dog’s back, thus adequately maintaining the stability of the dog’s spinal column.

Knee braces, on the other hand, are non-rigid braces designed to help dogs with torn ACL, sprains, arthritis, back leg fatigue, and post-operative support. To deal with a torn ACL injury, the afflicted limb needs to be rested, immobilized, and, quite often, operated on. Knee braces will help with this.

A dog suffering from a torn ACL has a 60% chance of injuring the other knee as well, and by providing the injured leg with the necessary support, knee braces help prevent such cases.

2. Ankle Brace Socks

When your dog has a swollen ankle or any other ankle injury, its pain and limp will weigh heavily on its mood. Meaning it will weigh on you and your household’s mood. We never want to see the ones we love in pain.

This makes ankle brace socks worthy therapy dog products to support your dog during this period. Ankle braces are used to correct Achilles complex injuries, digital flexor tendon injuries, and provide neurological positioning control. These braces help your dog walk, run, and play without the limp and that dreadful pain.

3. Dog Wrist Braces

If you have an aging dog, chances are you may need to buy therapy dog products. For example, a dog wrist brace for arthritis will give your arthritic dog the support it needs to walk and run without limping. They do this by stabilizing the carpal joint at the wrist, thus preventing its overextension.

These braces also soothe the dog’s arthritic joints and decrease swelling. They are made from breathable fabric and have velcro straps that provide more support and comfort during walks. Since they are made from soft material, they do not impede the natural movement of your dog.

4. Elbow Support Braces for Arthritic Dogs

Among the list of relevant therapy dog products is an elbow tendonitis brace, which offers comfort to painful arthritic elbow joints. These braces help keep away painful pressure sores while providing elbow support and compression for unstable and deformed joints. They also help in the prevention of hygromas.

Getting these braces enables your dog to stay stable for longer and keeps them from having painful, inflamed joints.

Getting Your Dog the Skeletal Support It Needs

As your dog ages, it may not be able to keep up with the activities it used to or to do them with the same enthusiasm and speed. This is because of all the joint complications that dogs are liable to, including arthritis.

It is essential to buy your dog therapy products to help it get through whatever physical complications it may be going through. Most dogs benefit from a half-hour walk and light aerobic exercises each day. Buying them these support braces will help them exercise without having to contend with unnecessary pain and discomfort.


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