If you’re someone who finds joy in playing polo and would like to know more about horse polo wraps and how they can affect your horse and the game itself, you should read this article! Here you will find the definition of horse polo wraps, how to apply them, and what the overall benefits of using them are. Horse polo wraps can come in handy for a variety of reasons, including being great for horses that have something wrong with them and cannot wear a boot.

What are horse polo wraps?

Horse polo wraps are bandages made of fleece that horses wear for a variety of reasons including to protect them from minor scrapes and bruises.

What are they used for?

Horse polo wraps are used for riding, longeing, turnout, and for shipping. They have advantages and disadvantages, but overall they are beneficial in protecting your horse, especially if there is a reason why they cannot wear a boot. In riding, they are used for protection and show.

What are the advantages of using horse polo wraps?

There are many advantages including being a good choice for horses that have any of the following: neoprene sensitivity, minor cuts, blemishes, and scar tissue. Another reason why horse polo wraps are so great is that they conform to the shape of the horse, which is very different from a boot.

What are the disadvantages?

While there are many benefits of using horse polo wraps, there are, unfortunately, some disadvantages including that they are put on very close to the horse’s tendons and ligaments and therefore without proper application, you can put your horse at risk for injury.

Where can I buy horse polo wraps?

You should be able to purchase horse polo wraps at the same place that sells items such as a horse cap, a horse cover, a horse fleece blanket, horse shoulder guard and other important equipment and materials for caring for your horse.

Have you ever used horse polo wraps? What are your thoughts on using them? Horse polo wraps have both benefits and disadvantages, so feel free to let us know how your experience with using them was by leaving a comment below!


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